Character CD 3 "Kirche & Tabitha"

CD No: Happinet KDCA-0080
Release date: 21 Sep 2006
Price: Y1800
Total length: 30:50 (5 tracks)

The third of the character CD series is The songs aren't great to be honest. The drama is pretty funny but not enough to justify the price.

NHT rating: Rating

1. tsubasa (Inokuchi Yuka) 4:12
LYC: Ichiko MSC: Makino Kousuke ARG: Ueno Youko
2. anata shika hoshiku nai (Inoue Nanako) 4:38
[I Want Nothing But You]
LYC: Mori Yuriko MSC: Arai Rio ARG: Sakai Ryou
3. Drama "hyouhen no nekomimi" 13:10
[Drama "Cat-Ears of Sudden Change"]
One day Kirche gets so bored and decides to have a fun by dressing up Tabitha with cute costume. Tabitha isn't keen but, as usual, let her do whatever she wants to do. Kirche tries "Cat Ears of Fortune," a magic item held by the Zerbsto family, but made a big mistake...
4. tsubasa (karaoke) 4:12
MSC: Makino Kousuke ARG: Ueno Youko
5. anata shika hoshiku nai (karaoke) 4:37
[I Want Nothing But You]
MSC: Arai Rio ARG: Sakai Ryou

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