Character CD 2 "Guiche & Montmorency"

CD No: Happinet KDCA-0079
Release date: 6 Sep 2006
Price: Y1800
Total length: 54:41 (7 tracks)

The second of the character CD series is for Guiche & Montmorency, the comedy pair.
The format is the sama as the first one. An image talk for the girl character The talk (Tracks 3-7) is by Mikako, Takahiro and Ayako (Henrietta).

NHT rating: Rating

1. bara no Pride (Takahashi Mikako) 4:46
[Pride of Rose]
LYC: Mori Yuriko MSC: Sakai Ryou ARG: Sakai Ryou
2. Drama "kindan no hiyaku" 17:17
[Forbidden Secret Potion]
3. Talk on CD ~ Opening 2:30
4. Russian Card Talk 15:03
5. Character Talk 5:14
6. Talk on CD ~ Ending 5:02
7. bara no Pride 4:45
[Pride of Rose]
MSC: Sakai Ryou ARG: Sakai Ryou

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by nonchan