Dear My Friends

CD No: Avex Mode AVCA-22828
Release date: 5 Jul 2006
Price: Y1200
Total length: 14:38 (4 tracks)

The last of the character CD is for Mimori. The song is pretty gentle like herself.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Dear My Friends (Inamura Yuuna) 3:42
LYC: Funta MSC: Funta ARG: Umehori Atsushi
2. ai ni oide ai ni oide -Mimori Version- (Inamura Yuuna) 4:18
[Come to Love, Come to Meet Us]
LYC: Matsui Gorou MSC: Fujisue Miki & Ootani Natsuko ARG: Mizutani Hiromi
3. Dear My Friends (karaoke) 3:43
MSC: Funta ARG: Umehori Atsushi
4. Bonus Message 2:53

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