Promise You

CD No: Avex Mode AVCA-22827
Release date: 5 Jul 2006
Price: Y1200
Total length: 14:23 (4 tracks)

Lili's image song is a cheerful one but the most important thing on this CD to me is her version of the ED song. It's so cute. ^_^ Unlike in the other two CDs, the last track is a message from Lili, not Nana.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Promise You (Mizuki Nana) 4:24
LYC: Funta MSC: Isobe Atsuko ARG: Kusano Yoshihiro
2. ai ni oide ai ni oide -Lili Version- (Mizuki Nana) 4:18
[Come to Love, Come to Meet Us]
LYC: Matsui Gorou MSC: Fujisue Miki & Ootani Natsuko ARG: Mizutani Hiromi
3. Promise You (karaoke) 4:25
MSC: Isobe Atsuko ARG: Kusano Yoshihiro
4. Bonus Message 1:14

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by nonchan