Tokyo Nightmare

CD No: NEC Interchannel NECA-30014/15
Release date: 3 Dec 1999
Price: Y3619
Total length: Disc 1 72:05 (5 tracks)
Disc 2 70:54 (6 tracks)

This is a radio drama based on a novel by Tanaka Yoshiki, released much before the anime.
It is a super-natural crime story with extremely satirical look on Japanese police and bureaucrats, decorated with witty conversation. The novel is also known for its illustrations by Kakinouchi Narumi, some of which you can enjoy in the insert.
Yakushiji "Dorayoke Oryou" Ryouko is an elite police officer of Tokyo Metropolitan Police. She is very beautiful, bright and rich (her father is an owner of a corporate group and she is its major share holder) but so impudent and rebellious any one who knows her avoids her like a pest. If you add Lina Inverse and Mikami Reiko, you will get someone close to Ryouko. Essentially she is in the police to have a fun. Probably the only good thing about her character is that her target is always the rich and powerful (not that she is particularly keen to protect th poor and weak).
Izumida Jun'ichirou is a poor junior officer (yet older than Ryouko) who has been assigned to support her. He is treated like a servant by his "mistress", just like Yokoshima before Mikami, but patiently helps her solve mysterious cases. He is very able and Ryouko begins to show some (not a lot) respect to him.
In this radio drama, Ryouko is voiced by Kawakami Tomoko, who seems just a little too cute for the role. Also Inoue Kazuhiko sounds a little too cool for Jun'ichirou. Fuchizaki Yuriko is fine for Yukiko (Ryouko's over-righteous rival) but her combination with Tomoko reminds me of another show so much.
          Yakushiji Ryouko ....... Kawakami Tomoko
          Izumida Jun'ichirou  ... Inoue Kazuhiko
          Muromachi Yukiko ....... Fuchizaki Yuriko
          Kishimoto Akira ........ Ueda Yuuji

NHT rating: 4 donburi

Disc 1
1. Stage 1: Wedding Trap 15:06
2. Stage 2: Queen of Queen 16:25
3. Stage 3: The Night Wing 14:39
4. Stage 4: A Cold Rain 17:45
5. Stage 5: Pandemonium (part A) 8:08
Disc 2
1. Stage 5: Pandemonium (part B) 9:34
2. Stage 6: Up Down Girl 18:13
3. Stage 7: Wedding Dress in Darkness 21:45
4. Stage 8: His Knee is Her Precious Chair 17:45
5. Theme from Tokyo Nightmare 1:47
6. Rhythm of Love (Kawakami Tomoko) 1:48

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by nonchan