Only One

CD No: Victor VICL-5267
Release date: 3 May 1995
Price: Y2500
Total length: 58:30 (12 tracks)

Natsumi and Miyuki became a professional (and anonymous) duo, "Tokyo Policewoman Duo" (T.P.D. for short) and this CD contains their songs and the drama showing the build-up for their first concert. My favourite is track 9; it is cute... VERY cute.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. The Day of T.P.D. 6:16
2. Go! Go! patrouru --kimi no haato o taihosuru-- (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:45
[Go! Go! Patrol --We'll Arrest Your Heart--]
3. Talk About T.P.D. 1 6:35
4. bokutou koi-monogatari (The Two Ladies, Shimada Bin & Masamune Issei) 4:12
[Love Story in Bokutou]
5. Talk About T.P.D. 3:50
6. We are Policewomen (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:46
7. Interview With T.P.D. 8:00
8. shutokou batoru 2:00a.m. (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:28
[Battle of Metropolitan Highway at 2pm]
9. Date With T.P.D. (Ichi-go hen) 3:02
[Date With T.P.D. (Natsumi Version)]
10. Catch Your Dream --kanashimi ni makenaide-- (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:27
[Catch Your Dream --Beat The Sorrow--]
11. Date With T.P.D. (Ni-go hen) 3:44
[Date With T.P.D. (Miyuki Version)]
12. hare nochi pareedo (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:15
[Parade After Sunshine]

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