Natsumi File

CD No: Victor VICL-2137
Release date: 28 Sep 1994
Price: Y2000
Total length: 41:37 (6 tracks)

An image album released prior to the OVA series. The drama describes a day of Natsumi and Miyuki pair from Natsumi's view point. You probably need Miyuki File as well to understand the story fully. One image song of Natsumi is included along with the OP and ED theme.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. on'na-keikan Tsujimoto Natsumi Jikenchou 1 4:51
[Case File Of A Policewoman, Tsujimoto Natsumi 1]
2. 100mph no yuuki (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:56
[Courage Of 100mph]
3. on'na-keikan Tsujimoto Natsumi Jikenchou 2 11:00
[Case File Of A Policewoman, Tsujimoto Natsumi 2]
4. Let's Dance keserasera (Tamagawa Sakiko) 3:29
[Let's Dance: Que Sera, Sera]
5. on'na-keikan Tsujimoto Natsumi Jikenchou 3 12:17
[Case File Of A Policewoman, Tsujimoto Natsumi 3]
6. arittake no jounetsu de (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 5:01
[With All The Passion I Have]

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