Get a Chance

CD No: Victor Entertainment VIDL-30464
Release date: 20 Nov 1999
Price: Y971
Total length: 16:37 (4 tracks)

The ED song of the Play Station game, coupled with Yoriko's image song. It is pretty goot but a little short of being great for the finale of a story. Yoriko's song is a comical one but fails to be really funny (she sounds more like Ryououki than Yoriko ^_^;;).

NHT rating: Rating

1. Get a Chance (Tamagawa Sakiko & Hiramatsu Akiko) 4:15
LYC: Matsuzaki Yuuko MSC: HAL ARG: HAL
2. Scramble All Right (Kozakura Etsuko) 4:02
LYC: Shimizu Shouko MSC: Sasaki Keiji ARG: Yonemitsu Ryou
3. Get a Chance (karaoke) 4:15
4. Scramble All Right (karaoke) 4:03
MSC: Sasaki Keiji ARG: Yonemitsu Ryou

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by nonchan