Drama CD 2

CD No: Sony Records SRCL-3774
Release date: 21 Mar 1996
Price: Y2718
Total length: 57:49 (12 tracks)

This CD follows the same format as Vol.1; music, radio dramas and a special drama. Introducing Kokone and Ayase, the drama tracks are generally better than those in Vol.1 (unlike Misago, they can speak ^_-). The music are nice although I'm not very keen on the remix of the theme song.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Prologue 1:29
2. Order.9 "gogo 1/1" 6:12
[Order.9 "Afternoon 1/1"]
3. Order.10 "hitotsubu 300-mai" 5:08
[Order.10 "300 Exposures per Piece"]
4. Order.11 "Kamasu no Ayase" 4:08
[Order.11 "Ayase of Kamasu"]
5. Order.12 "Protein" 6:01
6. itsuka aetara (Non-Rem mix) (Shiina Hekiru & Gontiti) 4:49
LYC: Gontiti MSC: Gontiti ARG: Gontiti
7. Order.13 "Navi" 6:20
8. Order.14 "Kamakura hanabi" 6:09
[Order.14 "Fireworks at Kamakura"]
9. Order.15 "Apron" 4:43
10. Order.16 "nami" 4:57
[Order.16 "Wave"]
11. Special Order "koto Musashino" 4:38
[Special Order "An Ancient Capital Musashino"]
12. tsuki ni Humming (Shiina Hekiru & Nakagawa Akiko) 3:04
[Humming to the Moon]
MSC: Gontiti ARG: Gontiti & Haketa Takefumi

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by nonchan