Drama CD 1

CD No: Sony Records SRCL-3456
Release date: 1 Feb 1996
Price: Y2718
Total length: 59:32 (13 tracks)

The collection of the CD drama, made as the prelude of the OVA release. All the episodes, except "Special Order", were broadcasted in a radio program which Hekiru hosted.
The story follows the manga episodes pretty faithfully and Shiina Hekiru does pretty well as Alpha. Unfortunately, however, some episodes show limitation of audio drama; in this very atmospheric manga, words sometimes fail literally. The anime version, with its visual effect, does the job much better in this respect.
BTW, the title "Drama CD 1" is one I put for convenience. The CD is acutually simply called "Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou."

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1. Prologue "Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou" 6:20
[Yokohama Shopping Diary]
2. Order.1 "hagane no kaoru yoru" 4:54
[Order.1 "Night with the Fragrance of Steel"]
3. tsuki no shirabe 2:53
[Melody of the Moon]
MSC: Gontiti ARG: Gontiti
4. Order.2 "irie no Misago - zenpen" 4:23
[Order.2 "Misago of the Inlet - First Half"]
5. Order.3 "irie no Misago - kouhen" 4:49
[Order.3 "Misago of the Inlet - Second Half"]
6. Order.4 "shimashima no gorogoro" 5:00
[Order.4 "Full of Stripes"]
7. Order.5 "ame to sono ato - zenpen" 4:11
[Order.5 "Rain and Thereafter - First Half"]
8. Order.6 "ame to sono ato - kouhen" 5:03
[Order.6 "Rain and Thereafter - Second Half"]
9. Order.7 "Endless chounaikai" 5:26
[Order.7 "Endless Neighbourhood Meeting"]
10. yuunagi no Dance 2:18
[Dance of Evening Calm]
MSC: Gontiti ARG: Gontiti
11. Order.8 "pure neshougatsu" 5:30
[Order.8 "Pre-Lazy-New-Year"]
12. Special Order "gozen 2/2" 3:46
[Special Order "Morning 2/2"]
13. itsuka aetara (Shiina Hekiru & Gontiti) 3:46
[If I Can See You Some Day]
LYC: Gontiti MSC: Gontiti ARG: Gontiti

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