Character Mini Album 2 "Tsubasa & Akino"

CD No: Scitron Digital Contents SCDC-00391
Release date: 22 Dec 2004
Price: Y1800
Total length: 67:08 (7 tracks)

The second of the Character Mini Albums features Tsubasa and Akino, aka Tiaraway ^_^;; Yeah, although the credit says the singers are Saeko & Yuuka, NOT tiaraway, the cover illustration is an obvious parody of their first single. ^_^;;
Track 2 is a mini drama about the relationship of these two girls that wasn't revealed in the anime. It's sweet... sweet enough to embarrass Junna ^_-

NHT rating: Rating

1. Without You (Chiba Saeko & Nanri Yuuka) 7:06
LYC: Takai Urara MSC: Makino Kousuke ARG: Chin Eifuku
2. W Wish Mini-Drama gekijou "sotsugyou Album" 22:39
[W Wish Mini-Drama Theatre "Graduation Album"]
3. W Wish Tag Radio dai-3-kai 7:40
[W Wish Pair Radio No.3]
4. W Wish Tag Radio dai-4-kai 9:50
[W Wish Pair Radio No.4]
5. Wish Message from Chiba Saeko 4:59
6. Wish Message from Nanri Yuuka 7:48
7. Without You (karaoke) 7:04
MSC: Makino Kousuke ARG: Chin Eifuku

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by nonchan