Audio Drama

CD No: Marine Entertainment MMCC-4023
Release date: 1 Nov 2001
Price: Y2800
Total length: 60:32 (9 tracks)

This CD is a collection of radio dramas, set between the first and second TV series. In the main drama, Nirvana runs out of food (apparently because of Hibiki's superhuman appetite) and Magno send him and others down to a planet. Fortunately the planet is full of delicious fruits but, unfortunately, it is also inhabited by gigantic carnivorous plants. The rest is assorted short drama.

The main drama is OK; I found these short ones more enjoyable. You can enjoy Asakawa Yuu's over-sexy acting in Track 5 (although Jura is finally removed from the cover illustration ^_^;; her fans might benefit most from this CD) and Ezra shouts what many fans are thinking like; "Barnette, you should look at yourself in a mirror with an apron on!" ^_^;;

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. shokuryou choutatsu daisakusen dai-ichi-maku 5:55
[A Great Operation to Purvey Food ~ Act 1]
2. shokuryou choutatsu daisakusen dai-ni-maku 9:15
[A Great Operation to Purvey Food ~ Act 2]
3. shokuryou choutatsu daisakusen dai-san-maku 6:07
[A Great Operation to Purvey Food ~ Act 3]
4. shokuryou choutatsu daisakusen dai-yon-maku 7:42
[A Great Operation to Purvey Food ~ Act 4]
5. Jura to Barnette no himitsu no hanazono 8:12
[The Secret Flower Garden of Jura and Barnette]
6. Paiway Report 9:09
7. henshin Ezra-san 4:49
[Ezra-san Transforms]
8. Tarak no seishun 8:18
[Youth of Tarak]
9. Cast Credit 1:05

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