Original Soundtrack

CD No: Epic Sony 32-8H-59
Release date: 22 Jan 1986
Price: Y3200
Total length: 44:48 (12 tracks)

The music of the OVA was by Komuro Tetsuya, who wasn't such a big name as he is now. It is dark and spooky, appropriate for the world of VHD, and some tracks are almost experimental. It was very unique, to say the least, for anime music at the time. Unfortunately the theme song, "Your Song", by TM Network is not included.

NHT rating: Rating

1. mamono-tachi no yoru 4:20
[Night of Demons]
2. D fukkatsu 2:09
[Resurrection of D]
3. D zetsumei 2:48
[Death of D]
4. kyuuketsuki Lee hakushaku (toujou) 4:15
[Earl Lee, the Vampire (Entrance)]
5. kizoku no konrei 1:31
[Marriage of Nobles]
6. kyuuketsuki Lee hakushaku (shi) 7:40
[Earl Lee, the Vampire (Death)]
7. D no teema (toujou) 3:39
[Theme of D (Entrance)]
8. yakusoku (part I) 3:07
[Promise (part I)]
9. D no teema (Doris no ai) 3:22
[Theme of D (Doris's Love)]
10. Doris dakkai 5:19
[Rescuing Doris]
11. D no teema (wakare) 3:26
[Theme of D (Parting)]
12. yakusoku (part II) 3:10
[Promise (part II)]

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