Original Drama "Tusukuru no Kougou" [The Empress of Tusukuru]

CD No: Lantis LACA-5541
Release date: 26 Jul 2006
Price: Y2857
Total length: 42:25 (10 tracks)

This is an original drama CD. I didn't intend to buy it when its release was announced but, when it appeared at shops, a phrase on the obi, "Hakuoro to get married!? Internal feuding to come!?", was enough to change my opinion. ^_^
Benawi urges Hakuoro to get married and have children for the sake of the stability of the country. In fact, a large number of regional lords/leaders have offered potential brides to ensure friedly relationship with this emerging country. But this triggers various feelings among the candidates within the castle...
The story might be a cliché but very funny and well-performed. I love this type of drama CDs where usually serious characters behave so comically without overdoing it. ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. endan 3:19
[Marriage Proposals]
2. musouka (TV size) (Suara) 1:30
[Dream Song]
LYC: Sutani Shouko MSC: Kinugasa Michio ARG: Mameda Susumu
3. kougou e no michi 9:20
[Road to the Empress]
4. araburu shiro no kusushi 7:07
[The Pharmacist of the Castle Gone Wild]
5. Evenkuruga no tsutome 4:48
[Duty as an Evenkuruga]
6. chakai to shinsou 2:49
[Tea Party and Truth]
7. shitto yue ni? 6:00
[Because of Jealousy?]
8. kashoku no ten 3:44
[Wedding Ceremony]
9. madoromi no rin'ne (Kawai Eri) 1:30
[Reincarnation in a Doze]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Itou Masumi ARG: Itou Masumi
10. Eruru no Atlier 2:34
[Eruru's Atlier]

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