Umisho- Characters Vol.2 "Shizuoka Mirei"

CD No: Five Records VGCD-0108
Release date: 24 Aug 2007
Price: Y1800
Total length: 20:41 (4 tracks)

The second of the image CD series is for Mirei, the very shy (and very big ^_^;;) girl.
The song is very cute and shy and fits her nicely, IMO.

NHT rating: Rating

1. suki... (Fukui Yukari) 4:23
[Love You...]
LYC: Hamada Tomoyuki MSC: Hamada Tomoyuki ARG: Hamada Tomoyuki
2. "Umisho-" housoubu Radio Drama Concours Entry 2 Shizuoka Mirei 9:00
["Umisho-" Broadcast Club Drama Competition: Entry 2 Shizuoka Mirei]
3. Free Talk "Shizuoka Mirei to watakushi" 5:59
[Free Talk "Shizuoka Mirei and Me"]
4. suki... (karaoke) 4:20
[Love You...]
MSC: Hamada Tomoyuki ARG: Hamada Tomoyuki

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by nonchan