Soundtrack Kessakusen [The Best of the Soundtrack]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60535
Release date: 23 Feb 2000
Price: Y2900
Total length: 44:22 (38 tracks)

This soundtrack CD contains (probably) all the music, including short bridges, used in the series even though it is entitles as "The Best". Just like the anime itself, its music follows the pattern of traditional samurai drama and each piece describes one of various situations. Thus it is not so attractive as independent music. On the other hand, the CD may be a good source of BGMs if you want to make fan-anime.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. kazemakase (TV size) (Misawa Akemi) 1:29
[Free and Easy]
LYC: Daichi Akitarou MSC: Miyashita Kenji ARG: Ibe Norio
2. tabi no kaze 0:09
[The Wind of Travel]
3. kurayami no kaze 1:27
[The Wind of Darkness]
4. shinobi no kaze 0:10
[The Wind of Sneaking]
5. Ran no kaze 1:11
[The Wind of Ran]
6. dokokade uwasa no kaze 0:08
[The Wind of "Someone is Talking about..."]
7. shirankao no kaze 1:06
[The Wind of an air of Perfect Innocence]
8. odoshi no kaze 0:10
[The Wind of Threat]
9. kakomi no kaze 1:23
[The Wind of Encirclement]
10. ikanimo na kaze 0:08
[The Really Suspicious Wind]
11. Myao no kaze 1:11
[The Wind of Myao]
12. warui kaze 1:06
[The Evil Wind]
13. tsukimo kakureru iyana kaze 1:14
[The Unpleasant Wind to Hide the Moon]
14. erasouna kaze 1:08
[The Pompous Wind]
15. horoyoi no kaze 2:18
[The Wind of Being Slightly Drunk]
16. touge ni namida no kaze 1:04
[The Wind of Tears at the Mountain Pass]
17. wana ni ochisouna kaze 0:56
[The Wind Alluring into a Trap]
18. ikasama na kaze 0:16
[The Wind of Foul Play]
19. shippuu 1:10
[The Strong Wind]
20. ken wa ai no kaze 1:05
[The Wind of "Sword is Love"]
21. shichi no kaze 1:16
[The Wind of the Jaws of Death]
22. tatakai wa honou no kaze 1:53
[The Wind of "Battle is Flare"]
23. kenpou no kaze 1:20
[The Wind of Swordsmanship]
24. totsunyuu no maikaze 1:16
[The Dancing Wind of Breaking In]
25. yawara na kaze 1:08
[The Wind of Judo]
26. obakana kaze 1:02
[The Silly Wind]
27. zukin-na kaze 1:31
[The Wind of the Hood]
28. korae-namida no hanafubuki na kaze 1:22
[The Flowery Wind of Hidden Tears]
29. urami mabuta no kodoku na kaze 1:24
[The Lonely Wind with Grudge in Mind]
30. gou no kaze 0:08
[The Roaring Wind]
31. kanzashi no kaze 0:09
[The Wind of the Ornamental Hairpin]
32. yuuki no kaze 0:08
[The Wind of Courage]
33. katana no kaze 0:09
[The Wind of the Sword]
34. yuubae no kaze 1:04
[The Wind of the Evening Glow]
35. gozonji, uwasa futari no kaze 1:09
[The Wind of the Famous Two]
36. kazemakase 2 (Yasuhara Reiko) 3:39
[Free and Easy 2]
MSC: Takami Masahiro ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
37. raishuu mo mite ne no kaze 0:32
[The Wind of "Please Watch Again Next Week"]
38. kazemakase (Misawa Akemi) 4:53
[Free and Easy]
LYC: Daichi Akitarou MSC: Miyashita Kenji ARG: Ibe Norio

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