CD-neta ni Tottoita [We Saved This for a CD Story]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60545
Release date: 24 May 2000
Price: Y2900
Total length: 61:34 (10 tracks)

The CD drama is released after the TV series. Ran and Myao meet a princess while travelling. The Princess, Tama (voiced by Kawasumi Ayako), is on her way to her county, where one of her senior vassals tries to kill her over succession to the family. Ran and Myao decide to help her out.
Apparently Mr Daichi had this idea of Ran and Myao attacked while they are in onsen, which is obviously unsuitable for TV. So he used it in this CD ^_^

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. koujou ~kazemakase (Misawa Akemi) 1:29
[Opening ~Free and Easy]
LYC: Daichi Akitarou MSC: Miyashita Kenji ARG: Ibe Norio
2. sora wa harebare, kaze ga jiken o yondeita 6:46
[The Sky was Clear and the Wind Smelled Trouble]
3. Odagiri Genba ga okotteta 7:21
[Odagiri Genba was Angry]
4. yukemuri, rouzeki, miekitta 3:17
[Steam of Onsen and Violence, but They were Defiant]
5. Iwasaki Ganbei, nayandeta 4:59
[Iwasaki Ganbei was Troubled]
6. Tamahime-sama mo nayandeta 17:34
[Princess Tama was Troubled, too]
7. masshoumen kara mitsumeteta 15:28
[She was Looking at It Head-on]
8. kyou mo kaze ni makaseteta 2:20
[She is Free and Easy Today as Usual]
9. musubi ~kazemakase 2 (Yasuhara Rei) 1:43
[Ending ~Free and Easy 2]
MSC: Takami Masahiro ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
10. jikai yokoku??? 0:32
[Preview of the Next Episode???]

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