Image Songs

CD No: Animage 32ATC-157
Release date: 25 Nov 1987
Price: Y3200
Total length: 38:19 (11 tracks)

A collection of image songs, released prior to the movie.
It is interesting to see the cover illustration by Miyazaki, in which one girl, rather than two (Mei and Satsuki), stands next to Totoro. She looks like somewhere between them and was indeed a prototype of the girls. Miyazaki had "an encounter at night" as shown in this illustration and "an encounter under the sun" (as Mei experiences in the movie) in his mind and divided this girl into Mei and Satsuki so that the two kinds of "encounter with Totoro" could be shown in the movie.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. tonari no totoro (Inoue Azumi) 4:17
[My Neighbor Totoro]
2. kaze no toorimichi (chorus) 3:15
[Path of the Wind]
3. sanpo (Inoue Azumi) 2:43
4. maigo (Inoue Azumi) 3:49
[A Lost Child]
5. suswatari (chorus) 2:17
[Soot Balls]
6. neko-basu (Kitahara Taku) 3:10
[Cat Bus]
7. fushigi shiritori uta (Mori Kimiko) 3:58
[A Shiritori Song of Wonder]
'shiritori' is a traditional word-play where a player say a word and the next person must find a new word whose first syllable is the last of the previous word. A player loses if he/she cannot find a word, repeat a previously used word or say a word which ends with "n" as we count "n" as a single syllable and there is no word that starts with the syllable "n".
8. okaasan (Inoue Azumi) 3:51
9. chiisana shashin (Hisaishi Joe) 3:12
[A Little Photograph]
10. dondoko matsuri (Inoue Azumi) 4:18
[Dondoko Festival]
"dondoko" usually refers to the sound of drums. In this case, this song probably implies the night dance of the three totoro's at the plant bed as seen in the film.
11. kaze no toorimichi 3:18
[Path of the Wind]

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