CD No: Pony Canyon PCCA-70148
Release date: 12 Jul 2006
Price: Y952
Total length: 15:20 (3 tracks)

This is the maxi single of the very sweet theme song by Oku Hanako and also includes the other song used in the movie.
When I heard the song in the TV ad of the movie, I wondered if the song would fit the show, not knowing the story was changed. But it turned out the gentle song, with her simple style and clear voice, was perfect in the movie. Yeah, now I love it! ^_^
But just one thing; although I have no hesitation to give it the full marks, it would have been even better if the karaoke tracks had been included even if it means a higher cost (say, Y1200). Maybe I need to design a GIF image to incorporate CDs with more than five donburi. ^_^;;

NHT rating: Rating

1. Garnet (Oku Hanako) 5:16
LYC: Oku Hanako MSC: Oku Hanako ARG: Oku Hanako
2. kawaranai mono (Oku Hanako) 4:45
[Things That Never Change]
LYC: Oku Hanako MSC: Oku Hanako ARG: Satou Jun
3. Garnet (Oku Hanako) 5:19
LYC: Oku Hanako MSC: Oku Hanako ARG: Satou Jun

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