Original Soundtrack

CD No: Kitty Record H33K 20057
Release date: ?? ?? 1986
Price: Y3300
Total length: 39:23 (11 tracks)

The soundtrack CD for the moive. The ED song and the image song of Miyako (used in the film) are also included. Nothing surprising in the BGMs but they are at least suitable to this epic fantasy. Concidering how old the CD is, it is not bad at all.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Miyako no teema 4:08
[Theme of Miyako]
2. Kamura-jou o mezashite 3:31
[Towards the Kamura Castle]
3. Miyago to Dimida no warutsu 2:35
[Waltz for Miyako and Dimida]
4. ijigen no tobira 4:32
[The Door to Another Dimenstion]
5. kurokishi
[Black Nights]
6. ai sare takute (Fujimoto Kyouko) 4:23
[Wishing to Be Loved]
7. naka no kuni no teema 4:21
[Theme of the Central Kingdom]
8. Raddin 2:48
9. higashi no kuni no Dimida 2:17
[Dimida of the Eastern Kingdom]
10. miyako no teema (repirse) 2:31
[Theme of iyako (reprise)]
11. omoide no hitomi (Date of Birth) 4:48
[Eyes of Memories]

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