Animation Soundtrack

CD No: FIX Records KICA-5039
Release date: 9 July 1999
Price: Y2427
Total length: 69:09 (32 tracks)

The soundtrack for the TV animation (not the PS game) contains all the BGMs and an ED song (see the ED single about the two ED songs). Music played a very important role in this heart-warming anime and is also very much enjoyable as independent pieces. If you like the show, this is a must. If they had included the OP and the other ED in as well, I would have given five donburi. BTW, the last track is the BGMs made for the extra bits in the video releases (especially Vol.2).

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Yell (original version) (Kawasumi Ayako) 4:21
2. Ever Green Days 4:48
3. yoake 1:48
4. asa no o-mukae 1:29
[Morning Call]
5. tanoshii nakama-tachi 1:33
[Cheerful Friends]
6. yureru omoi 1:57
[Uncertain Feelings]
7. kokoro no Album ni 1:21
[On the Album in My Heart]
8. hitori no toki ni 3:22
[When I am Alone]
9. omoi no tsuyosa ga chikara ni naru 2:30
[More Passion Means More Power]
10. suki to ienai, itoshisa 2:50
[I Can't Say "I Love You" - Affection]
11. kuromajutsu 1:05
[Black Magic]
12. zu-tto, yume dattanda II 1:49
[It's Always Been My Dream II]
13. hitori yoru ni omou 1:49
[Thinking Alone at Night]
14. suki to ienai, itoshisa II 3:11
[I Can't Say "I Love You" - Affection II]
15. kokoro no Album ni II 0:49
[On the Album in My Heart II]
16. kaze o kakenuke te 2:02
[Running through the Wind]
17. sono kimochi o mitsumete 1:21
[Think of the Very Feeling]
18. Ever Green Days (piano version) 2:00
19. suki to ienai, itoshisa (piano version) 1:15
[I Can't Say "I Love You" - Affection]
20. Subtitle 0:10
21. Intermission 0:58
22. Yell (karaoke) 4:21
23. Ever Green Days II 2:16
24. zu-tto, yume dattanda 2:04
[It's Always Been My Dream]
25. Ever Green Days III 2:58
26. omoi no tsuyosa ga chikara ni naru II 1:28
[More Passion Means More Power II]
27. kono kimochi, todoketai 2:51
[I Want to Let Him Know my Feeling]
28. kokoro na Album ni III 1:16
[On the Album in My Heart III]
29. suki to ienai, itoshisa III 2:50
[I Can't Say "I Love You" - Affection III]
30. jikai yokoku 0:34
[Trailer of the Next Episode]
31. Yell (TV edition) (Kawasumi Ayako) 1:35
32. Bonus Track 3:53

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