Piece of Heart

CD No: KSS Records KLCA-2019
Release date: 27 Oct 1999
Price: Y2300
Total length: 54:15 (12 tracks)

This drama CD released after the TV anime reveals what Serio was doing while Multi was with Hiroyuki and Akari in their high school. Precisely speaking, the story is set after Multi left her school. As Serio's test period is three weeks longer than Multi's, she remains in Saionji Girls High School (Ayaka's school) where she is a model student as you expect. One day she finds out her classmate, Tazawa Keiko, is in love with Masashi. Serio tries to help her out but badly fails, leaving Keiko in agony. Serio is deeply troubled by her lack of human nature, unlike her "elder sister" Multi.

A really touching story written by Kuroda Yousuke makes the most of the untold settings of the series and many of you may be surprised to see what a charming girl Multi's "younger sister" is.

FYI, this CD was discontinued immediately after the release due to a contract problem. It was later re-released via King Records (FIX Records KICA-5051, 23 Aug 2000).

NHT rating: Rating

1. katawara ni iru Multi 2:46
[Multi, Who Lies Next to Me]
2. Piece of Heart 0:47
3. Saionji Jogakuin 4:24
[Saionji Girls Highschool]
4. itsumo no basutei de 5:58
[At the Usual Bus Stop]
5. Serio no sanshuukan 2:25
[Serio's Three Weeks]
6. Satou Masashi ni tsuite 5:23
[About Satou Masashi]
7. Maid Robo no kuseni 5:21
[You're a Mere Maid Robot]
8. kotae ~Tazawa Keiko~ 4:55
[Answer ~Tazawa Keiko~]
9. sabishikute ureshikute 6:10
[So Lonely and So Happy]
10. ganbatte kudasai 4:53
[Try as Best You Can]
11. namida 9:27
12. Ending 1:44

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