CD No: Bandai Music APDM-5066
Release date: 21 May 1999
Price: Y952
Total length: 21:10 (4 tracks)

There are two ED songs for To Heart. "Access", on this CD-S, was used on the ground channels except one in Niigata, which used "Yell!" (on the soundtrack CD) along with the satellite channel. The video release (at least DVD) also uses the latter. It has been reported that the Niigata station used "Yell!" because Kawasumi Ayako is from the area. Personally I like "Access" marginally better.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Access (SPY) 4:49
2. Dreams Come True (SPY) 5:47
3. Access (karaoke) 4:48
4. Dreams Come True (karaoke) 5:44

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by nonchan