Soundtrack Vol.3

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1043
Release date: 22 Sep 1994
Price: Y3000
Total length: 70:13 (11 tracks)

Soundtrack CD for the second OVA series (eps 8-13), including both the OP and ED songs. The drama is an introduction to Ep.8 and describes a serious (^_^;;) trouble Tenchi and the others face during Sasami's absence. Of course, it is only the timing that connects this drama and OVA and there is nothing here that is required to enjoy the OVA ^_^;;;

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. boku wa motto paionia (Yokoyama Chisa) 5:09
[I'm a Pioneer More Than Ever]
2. Mini-Drama 1 "Sasami, obasan no ie ni dekake ta no koto" 4:43
[Mini Drama 1: Sasami Has Gone to Auntie's House]
3. BGM 1 10:22
4. Washuu no komori-uta (Kobayashi Yuuko) 4:26
[Washuu's Lullaby]
5. Mini Drama 2 "Ryouko, konbini de akuji o hataraku no koto" 3:50
[Mini Drama 2: Ryouko Does Wrong at a Convenience Store]
6. BGM 2 12:37
7. samba! meoto-zenzai (Mizutani Yuuko) 4:03
[Samba! A Happy Couple]
8. Mini Drama 3 "Aeka, raamen de tokimeku no koto" 4:51
[Mini Drama 3: Aeka Gets Excited over the Noodle]
9. BGM 3 10:04
10. Mini Drama 4 "Tenchi, Sasami no yasashisa ni fureru no koto" 5:13
[Mini Drama 4: Tenchi is Touched by Sasami's Tenderness]
11. tsuki no tragedy (Orikasa Ai) 4:49
[Tragedy of the Moon]

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