Tenchi Muyo! in Love

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1097
Release date: 24 Apr 1996
Price: Y3000
Total length: 50:16 (21 tracks)

The music for this first Tenchi film was done by Christopher Franke. It is a good combination various tunes and seems to me extravagant for a film of this length. Somehow the BGMs reminded me old UY soundtracks (I don't know why ^_^;;). Slight disappointment is the ED song; I like the song but not the way it is sung. JFYI, Hayashibara Megumi's "Alchemy of Love" is not included in the CD.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. kain fukkatsu! 4:11
[Revival of Kain]
2. Opening - 26-nen mae e 3:19
[Opening - To 26 Years Ago]
3. Time Paradox 2:03
4. Achika toujou 0:57
[Appearance of Achika]
5. Ryouko no giwaku 1:09
[Ryouko's Suspicion]
6. ihen hassei, Tenchi shoumetsu!? 1:29
[Unusual events happened, Tenchi disappeared!?]
7. Achika no seishun 1:09
[Achika's Youth]
8. Kain shuurai no yokan 0:56
[Presentiment of Kain's Assault]
9. shuugaku ryokou: omoide no eizou 1:35
[School Trip: Memorable Images]
10. Ryouko taiketsu! 3:35
[Ryouko confronts!]
11. Tenchi no ketsui 2:04
[Resolution of Tenchi]
12. Tenchi to Achika 1:12
[Tenchi And Achika]
13. edo goshiki fudou e! 2:42
[To the Five-Colour Guardians of Tokyo!]
14. Kain shutsugen! 4:43
[Kain Appears!]
15. Nobuyuki no douyou 0:52
[Nobuyuki Disturbed]
16. Achika kyuushutsu e 1:48
[To Rescue Achika]
17. Achika hatsudou 2:50
[Activation of Achika]
18. Kain saisei 3:36
[Regeneration of Kain]
19. Achika no teema 2:10
[Theme of Achika]
20. Epilogue - yume no ie 3:06
[Epilogue - The House of Dreams]
21. Alchemy of Love (Nina Hagen & Rick Jude) 4:41

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