Manatsu no Eve [Midsummer Eve]

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1146
Release date: 23 Jul 1997
Price: Y3059
Total length: 49:05 (23 tracks)

The soundtrack CD for the second film, including the ED song. The BGMs fit very well in the film but, as independent music, are not as good as those in the first film. One interesting feature is there are many versions of themes for Mayuka and Yuzuha, reflecting their rather complicated personality.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Startica 3:28
2. Yuzuha no teema 2:08
[Theme of Yuzuha]
3. Mayuka no teema 2:37
[Theme of Mayuka]
4. masaki ke no shokutaku 1:39
[Table of the Masakis]
5. Washuu no suiri 1:35
[Washuu's Inference]
6. Christmas Dream 2:21
7. Mystery 2:31
8. Mayuka no teema (yuuutsu version) 1:52
[Theme of Mayuka (Melancholy verison)]
9. kuuchuu yuei 1:19
[A Sky Walk]
10. fuan to shinpai 1:37
[Unease and Worries]
11. Jealousy 2:18
12. yane no ue no Tenchi 2:12
[Tenchi on the Roof]
13. Mayuka no teema (youen version) 1:41
[Theme of Mayuka (Seduction version)]
14. Mayuka no teema (Running version) 1:52
[Theme of Mayuka (Running version)]
15. yami no sekai e 1:53
[To the World of Darkness]
16. tousou 1:47
17. Dark Dimension no teema 3:02
[Theme of Dark Dimension]
18. kattou 1:48
19. Yuzuha no teema (zouo version) 1:46
[Theme of Yuzuha (Hatred version)]
20. Mayuka no teema (Mayuka no shi version) 1:33
[Theme of Mayuka (Death-of-Mayuka version)]
21. Yuzuha no houkai 1:47
[Destruction of Yuzuha]
22. Mayuka no teema (fukkatsu no kitai version) 1:57
[Teema of Mayuka (Expectation-of-Revival version)]
23. manatsu no Eve (Nagai Mariko) 4:12
[Midsummer Eve]

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