CD Dash Vol.2 "Sasami no sento barentain" [Sasami's St Valentine]

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1054
Release date: 25 Jan 1995
Price: Y2500
Total length: 58:52 (15 tracks)

A drama CD about strange Japanese custom; St Valentine Day and White Day. All the girls, inspired by a shoujo manga, try to win the Tenchi's heart (what else? ^_^;;) with Valentine chocolate and then have restless time in expectation of candies from Tenchi in return. Sasami is *the* heroine in this CD and plays a role which is so typical in many shoujo love story (which Ryouko and Aeka miserably failed in the Special OVA).

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Opening 2:08
2. kurakura 3:01
3. fumufumu 5:52
[I see]
4. dokidoki 3:43
[I'm Excited]
5. St Fourteen I (Yokoyama Chisa & Kozakura Etsuko) 1:55
6. runrun 6:53
7. shikushiku 3:10
8. miimii 5:33
[Mew Mew]
9. wakuwaku 6:04
[Good Expectation]
10. ukiuki 2:37
[It's Coming]
11. St Fourteen II (Yokoyama Chisa & Kozakura Etsuko) 2:51
12. kitakita 4:01
[Nearly There]
13. harahara 3:03
[I'm Worried]
14. nikoniko 4:07
[Happy Smile]
15. Ending 3:48

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