Moonlight Party

CD No: Lantis LACA-5073
Release date: 29 Nov 2001
Price: Y2857
Total length: 64:03 (9 tracks)

This is a drama CD released after the TV series. It's an side story, independent from the TV series.
One day Chitose tells Charlotte that she was looked after a stray cat called Drop (voiced by Ueda Yuuji) when she was very young and a stray cat herself. Then she was picked up by her current master while Drop was away thus couldn't even say good-bye to him.
In the meantime, Iori and people of Okashina Town plan a short break at Fushigino Onsen. Taruto hears from Siphon that there are numbers of legends/stories about wildcats in the region and gets determined to find one. So she and other house cats go with their masters while Charlotte and other stray ones secretly follow them ^_^;; Unexpectedly Drop, who somehow hates humans, is living in this remote place...
The script is very well written and the touching story is nicely performed by the all-star cast (the climax scene reminds me of "Mononoke Hime" for some reason). Personally Hisakawa Aya's wonderful performance as Siphon and Potechi is an enough reason to buy it ^_^

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. orugo-ru 3:53
[Music Box]
2. utage no yokan 10:55
[Premonition of a Party]
3. yamaneko to onsen to noneko 10:55
[Mountain Cat and Hot Spring and Wild Cat]
4. inaka no Bus 6:00
[Countryside Bus]
5. fushigi no Fushigino 8:19
[Mysterious Fushigino]
6. Preview 10:34
7. utage no shitaku 7:58
[Preparation of the Party]
8. gekkou-yaen 10:35
[Moonlight Party]
9. utage no shimatsu -Epilogue- 1:55
[Clearing-Up of the Party -Epilogue-]

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