Anata ni Aete Yokatta

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1284
Release date: 26 Sep 2003
Price: Y2913
Total length: 38:27 (4 tracks)

Another side story set after Yume's traineeships. One day Angela and other young magic deliverers meet boys and girls from a local elementary school as part of their social education. One of them are extremely enthusiastic about magic. This annoyingly cheerful and active girl (voiced by Momoi Haruko ^_^;;) turns out to be a sister of Zen'nosuke and she adores Yume, having heard what she did to him. Now that Yume is back in Toono, she starts to follow Angela to much of her annoyance...
It's a story where Angela learns how to deal (or cope) with other people and not for Yume fans. Of course, all the Angela fans must wish this story to be made into anime (especially Scene.3 ^_^;;;).
BTW this is the first press limited edition, which came in a large case with Yoshizuki Kumichi's special manga about Yume's visit to London. The ordinary edition (PICA-1284, Y2500) is also available.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Scene.1 hajime mashite Aota Rika desu 8:40
[Scene.1 How Do You Do? I'm Aota Rika.]
2. Scene.2 mahou-tsukai ni akogarete 10:50
[Scene.2 Adoring Magic Deliverers]
3. Scene.3 anata ni aete yokatta 16:45
[Scene.3 I'm So Glad to Have Met You]
4. Ankichi · Yumemi no omake Corner 2:11
[Extra Corner with Ankichi and Yumemi]

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