Tricolore Dreams

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1272
Release date: 2 Apr 2003
Price: Y2913
Total length: 50:33 (6 tracks)

A drama CD with three episodes. As the title suggests, each episode is symbolised by a color. Although none of them affects the main story seriously, they are well written and well performed (we have Kawamura Maria and Yukino Satsuki as the guest characters). I enoyed them very much ^_^
The three side stories are essentially a chat between Endou and Furusaki at the Mikazuki but work as kind of FAQ, providing a lot of background information of the series.

NHT rating: Rating

1. dai-1-wa "shiro" fuyu ~ Toono nite 13:58
[Episode 1 "White" Winter ~ In Toono]
Set in the winter before Yume comes to Tokyo. One stormy night, Haru comes home and falls in the entrance. She has walked back from the town in the storm, after breaking up with her boyfriend. With no one else at home, Yume takes care of her sister but doesn't know she has to protect her from a supernatural being.
2. sakaba ibun ~kanpai~ 3:31
[Side Story at a Pub ~Bottoms Up~]
3. dai-2-wa "ao" natsu ~ Shimokitazawa nite 31:21
[Episode 3 "Azure" Summer ~ In Shimokitazawa]
The story is set sometime after Eps 6, where Kera finds out he can use magic. He falls in love with a very beautiful yet very mysterious woman.
4. sakaba ibun ~horoyoi~ 3:40
[Side Story at a Pub ~Slightly Drunk~]
5. dai-3-wa "aka" aki ~ Toono nite 12:20
[Episode 3 "Red" Autumn ~ In Toono]
A few months after the end of the Traineeship, Angela visits Yume in her hometown, Toono. She is welcomed by Yume's family and enjoys her stay very much. But there is a hidden reason for the visit... Whatever, Angela is cute *^_^*
6. sakaba ibun ~deisui~ 3:40
[Side Story at a Pub ~Heavily Drunk~]

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