Drama CD "Ookami to Kohakuiro no Yuuutsu" [Wolf and Amber-Hued Melancholy]

CD No: Pony Canyon PCCR-90026
Release date: 16 Jul 2008
Price: Y3000
Total length: 58:03 (10 tracks)

This is a drama CD released after the anime. Its story is also set after the ending of the anime series.
Horo, Laurence and Nora celebrate their success at a bar. But Nora's presence and Laurence's gentle attitude to her make Horo drink so much in anger that she fails to notice her headache is not because of Laurence and Nora. She is actually ill and eventually faints...
The overall mood is far more comical than the original novel and anime. Generally it's well written but the ending seems a little too abrupt to me.

NHT rating: Rating

1. dai-1-maku: izakaya 4:01
[Act 1: At a Bar]
2. dai-2-maku: yadoya sono 1 5:42
[Act 2: At an Inn - Chapter 1]
3. dai-3-maku: Horo no yume 6:12
[Act 3: Horo's Dream]
4. dai-4-maku: yadoya sono 2 6:09
[Act 4: At an Inn - Chapter 2]
5. dai-5-maku: yadoya sono 3 5:22
[Act 5: At an Inn - Chapter 3]
6. dai-6-maku: futari-tabi futatabi...? 5:12
[Act 6: Journey of the Two Again...?]
7. dai-7-maku: Laurence no yume sono 1 6:06
[Act 7: Laurence's Dream - Chapter 1]
8. dai-8-maku: Laurence no yume sono 2 7:24
[Act 8: Laurence's Dream - Chapter 2]
9. dai-9-maku: Laurence no yume sono 3 5:26
[Act 9: Laurence's Dream - Chapter 3]
10. dai-10-maku: yatto genjitsu 6:28
[Act 10: Reality... at Last]

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