That's Funeral

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60625
Release date: 7 Mar 2001
Price: Y2900
Total length: 43:58 (8 tracks)

The drama CD consists of three side stories. They are very independent from the anime and no specific information is given to indicate where in the series these episodes locate.
All three episodes are about the comical, but not outrageous (that is, they are not parodies), side of the Funeral members.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Silent Wind (TV version) (Sugai Eri) 1:40
LYC: Kitagawa Keiko MSC: Hattori Katsuhisa ARG: Hattori Katsuhisa
2. dai-1-wa yokoku 0:19
[Episode 1 Preview]
3. dai-1-wa "Sue to Hatty to" 14:32
[Episode 1 "Sue and Hatty"]
Lana lets Hatty go downtown for a change and sends Sue with her as a bodyguard, which worries Michael VERY much ^_^;;
4. dai-2-wa yokoku 0:20
[Episode 2 Preview]
5. dai-2-wa "Scarlet to Joan to Ai to" 7:00
[Episode 2 "Scarlet and Joan and Ai"]
The three woman operators of the control room take a break and chat about their life at Funeral and men in their mind.
6. dai-3-wa yokoku 0:20
[Episode 3 Preview]
7. dai-3-wa "Dan to Elaine to" 18:14
[Episode 3 "Dan to Elaine"]
Elaine, Dan's sister, is visiting the Funeral base. Knowing this, everyone except Dan and Soma prepare to welcome her. But on the day of her arrival, another alien appears to threat the base...
8. Horizon (TV version) (Sphere) 1:31
LYC: Kitagawa Keiko MSC: Hattori Katsuhisa ARG: Hattori Katsuhisa

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