Hakaishin Wa Tsuraiyo [It's Hard to Be Goddess of Destruction]

CD No: Star Child KICA-347
Release date: 3 May 1997
Price: Y1835
Total length: 51:40 (9 tracks)

This is the last of the Nextra series. A former priestess, Wirane, found all the religions are inconsistent in one way or another and founds her own, called Temple of Lina Inverse. She worships Lina as Goddess of Destruction ^_^;; Of course, Lina is not happy about it. This is one of my favourite episode in the original Slayers Special novels but the adaptation to the CD drama is not really successful.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. dai-yon-wa: "hakaishin wa tsurai yo" 5:04
[Episode 4: It's Hard To Be Goddess Of Destruction]
2. Naked Mind (Okui Masami) 1:30
3. dai-1-kai "kami-sama wa tsurai yo" 3:24
[Vol.1 "It's Hard To Be Goddess"]
4. dai-2-kai "kyouso wa tsurai yo" 8:31
[Vol.2 "It's Hard To Be A Founder Of A Religion"]
5. dai-3-kai "saitoujou wa tsurai yo" 8:11
[Vol.3 "It's Hard To Appear Again"]
6. dai-4-kai "tsuisekisha wa tsurai yo" 8:27
[Vol.4 "It's Hard To Be A Chaser"]
7. saishuukai "kuromaku wa tsurai yo" 10:20
[Last Vol. "It's Hard To Be A Mastermind"]
8. niji no you ni (Okui Masami) 1:16
[Like A Rainbow]
9. Process (Okui Masami) 4:54

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