Itoshi No Konjounashi [My Dear Spineless]

CD No: Star Child KICA-343
Release date: 9 Apr 1997
Price: Y1800
Total length: 53:18 (9 tracks)

This time Lina and the others saves a young girl, Elemy (voiced by Minaguchi Yuuko), from a robber. She is looking for her boyfriend and tutor, Gardner, who is utterly spineless. It turns out he left home to show his guts to Elemy's father, who opposes their marriage. His journey to acquire his "guts" in the first place is no easy one...

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. niji ni youni (Prismix) (Okui Masami) 5:10
[Like A Rainbow]
2. dai-san-wa: "itoshi no konjou nashi" -Prologue 5:10
[Episode 3 "My Dear Spineless" -Prologue]
3. Naked Mind (Okui Masami) 1:30
4. dai-1-kai "konjou nashi o sagashite" 3:48
[Vol.1 "In Search Of The Spineless"]
5. dai-2-kai "konjou nashi arawaru?" 9:27
[Vol.2 "The Spineless Appears?"]
6. dai-3-kai "konjou naki kettou" 9:07
[Vol.3 "A Duel With No Guts"]
7. dai-4-kai "konjou naki kakeochi?" 9:02
[Vol.4 "An Elopement With No Guts?"]
8. dai-5-kai "konjou naki kettou futatabi" 8:47
[Vol.5 "A Duel With No Guts Again"]
9. niji no youni (Okui Masami) 1:15
[Like A Rainbow]

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