Slayers Special: The Motion Picture "S"

CD No: Star Child KICA 318
Release date: 24 Jul 1997
Price: Y2427
Total length: 43:45 (18 tracks)

This is the soundtrack for the OVA series, "Slayers Special". It contains BGMs and all three HM's songs used in the show. Generally the BGMs are as good as those in the TV series but songs are, IMHO, not. Note that the OVA make use of BGMs from other series (YV and films).

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. ayashiki gen'ei 2:44
[Suspicious Illusion]
2. kagirinai yokubou no naka ni (OVA size) (Hayashibara Megumi) 2:37
[In The Infinite Desire]
3. Main Title For "Special" 0:20
4. Limera daishingeki 1:40
[Big Charge Of Limera]
5. kurokami no shukjo 3:24
[A Lady With Black Hair]
6. yoyuu shakushaku no kinchoukan 2:27
[Calm and Composed In Tension]
7. ou mono to owareru mono to 1:58
[The Chasing and The Chased]
8. Pheromone wa kaze ni mau 2:26
[Pheromone Flies In The Wind]
9. Run All The Way! (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:56
10. uruwashiki kifujin 1:09
[A Graceful Lady]
11. kishi taru mono wa... 1:18
[A Man Called Knight Should Be...]
12. pinchi no naka ni chance ari 1:28
[You Can Find A Chance In Crisis]
13. yami kara no shikaku 1:15
[An Assassin]
14. kiken'na kaori ni sasowarete 1:27
[Lured By The Dangerous Fragrance]
15. Touch Yourself (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:09
16. itsumo no futari wa itsumo no toori 1:59
[The Usual Two In The Usual Way]
17. kaze no muku mama ki no muku mama 2:13
[Only To Please My Whim]
18. kagirinai yokubou no naka ni (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:08
[In The Infinite Desire]

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