Soundtrack for Motion Picture "Gorgeous"

CD No: Star Child KICA-415
Release date: 9 Oct 1998
Price: Y2913
Total length: 57:17 (39 tracks)

This CD contains (probably) all the BGM used in the film as well as those (Tracks 33-39) that were not used in the end. They were made for the scenes which were planned at first but later dropped. We may see the scene in the video version in the future.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. I & Myself (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:32
2. Raging Waves (turquoise mix) (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:21
3. nigiwau machi de 0:46
[In The Busy Town]
4. Cordron City zenkei 0:46
[A Panorama of Cordron City]
5. Dragon o shitagaeta shoujo 2:04
[A Girl With Dragons Attending]
6. Main Title (for "Gorgeous") 0:31
7. Calbart-ke no rekishi 1:37
[History Of The Carbarts]
8. Marane shi(?)tennou 0:46
[The Four(?) Devas of Marane]
9. Serpent no Naga (for "Gorgeous") 0:35
[Naga The Serpent]
10. kassen, okozukai sensou 0:51
[Showdown, The War of Allowance]
11. ryoshu to kurokishi 1:55
[Lord and The Black Knight]
12. kyoufu no daimeishi 0:56
[Synonym for "Fear"]
13. kyuushuu, Sornfort 0:19
[Sornfort in Raid]
14. bouryaku no Guisenow (sono 1) 0:14
[Conspiracy of Guisenow (part 1)]
15. zengun shutsugeki 1:11
[Sortie by the Entire Force]
16. buryaku no Guisenow (sono 2) 0:14
[Conspiracy of Guisenow (part 2)]
17. isshoku sokuhatsu 1:11
18. ryougun gekitotsu 1:00
[Crash of the Two Forces]
19. hissatsu chabudai-gaeshi 1:04
[Killer, Turing the Table over]
'Chabudai' is a small low table used in Japanese living rooms. It is basic and often shown as shabby in anime (eg. Nukunuku Vol.4) to symbolise the family's poverty. Turning it over along with foods on it typically means he/she is angry, arrogant or in emergency.
20. kawa no nagare ni mi o makase 0:38
[Leaving Oneself to the Flow of the River]
21. Lina Vs Marane 2:34
22. hokori takai ketsuzoku 1:30
[A Clan of Pride]
23. Guisenow, shin no sugata 2:04
[Guisenow in His Real Form]
24. Drag Slave Gorgeous 0:57
25. yaburetari, Drag Slave 0:43
[Defeat of Drag Slave]
26. gekishin no Cordron City 1:16
[Cordron City in Big Tremor]
27. Dragon isshin ittai 1:33
[Fluctuating Battle between the Dragons]
28. sora kara no okurimono 0:15
[Gifts from the Sky]
29. Lina & Naga, Double Attack 1:34
30. Drag Slave Gorgeous Final Shot 1:29
31. heiwa no hikari 1:21
[Light of Peace]
32. Raging Waves (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:03
33. Cordron City zenkei (sono 2) 0:22
[A Panorama of Cordron City (part 2)]
34. sangeki e no yochou 0:13
[Omen of Tragedy]
35. Carbart-ke no rekishi 1:27
[History of The Carbarts (part 2)]
36. Drag Slave Gorgeous (sono 2) 1:33
[Drag Slave Gorgeous (part 2)]
37. koro to kurenai no honoo 0:42
[Flame of Black and Scarlet]
38. karakuri dokei 1:30
[A Clock with Hidden Mechanism]
39. I & Myself 4:32

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