Soundtrack for "Great"

CD No: Star Child KICA-364
Release date: 26 Sep 1997
Price: Y1800
Total length: 32:51 (15 tracks)

Soundtrack for the third movie "Great". It contains the BGMs newly made for the film as well as the ED (two versions) theme and an image songs. As independent pieces of music, BGMs are a little weak but, thanks to its low price, it is not a bad buy.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Reflection (Last summer mix) (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:20
2. Main Title For "Great" 0:18
3. futari no Lord 0:46
[Two Lords]
4. Raia, fukou no hajimari 1:12
[Raia, Beginning Of Her Misfortune]
5. Einberg no musume - kamikazari wa neko-gooremu 1:47
[Einberg's Daughter - Her Hairpins Are Cat Gorlems]
6. Heisen to Granion, kyoufu no keikaku 1:29
[Heisen And Granion, Their Horrible Projects]
7. inbou no kage 1:39
[Shadow Of Conspiracy]
8. Gloria - kimi ni todoketai (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:24
[Gloria - I Want To Give You]
9. shukumei no taidou 2:47
[Sign Of Fate]
10. kessen! wa omatsuri muudo de 1:41
[Decisive Battle! Should Be In A Festive Mood]
11. kyodai gooremu toujou 1:36
[A Giant Gorlem Appears]
12. Garia Vs Heuy, Piko-Piko Vs Grand Goddess 2:20
13. Lina, Piko-Piko o koete 1:28
[Lina, Beyond Piko-Piko]
14. Lina to Naga, eien no oikakekko 1:15
[Lina & Naga, Their Eternal Chase Of Each Other]
15. Reflection (Movie size version) (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:41

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