Et Cetera 2 "Take A Chance! Lina And Her Invincible Party"

CD No: Star Child KICA-265
Release date: 21 Sep 1995
Price: Y3000
Total length: 73:13 (21 tracks)

The second soundtrack for the first TV series. The music is more comical that that in the first CD. The image song for Ameria is a song no one else would sing ^_^;; The drama tracks (Tracks 17-20) is a short story where Lina and the others (somehow) are cast ashore on an island. There they are confronted by a fishman(?) who wants to marry either Lina or Ameria. It is partly based on a scene in the original novel and funny.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Get Along (TV size) (Hayashibara Megumi & Okui Masami) 1:39
2. Lina Inverse, iza shutsujin! 1:54
[Lina Inverse Goes To The Front!]
3. maou fukkatsu 2:35
[Revival Of The Evil Lord]
4. Lina & Gourry Are "Kyuukyoku" Slayers! 4:13
[Lina & Gourry Are Ultimate Slayers!]
5. miko Sylpheel 3:26
[Sylpheel, The Priestess]
6. Ameria wa shugyou chuu 3:03
[Ameria Is Under Training]
7. It's Monster! 3:51
8. omimai shimashou, Drag Slave! 2:58
[I'll Give You This Drag Slave!]
9. Zelgadiss no teema 2:05
[Theme Of Zelgadiss]
10. sekai de ichiban no bikutorii (Suzuki Masami) 4:31
[The Greatest Victory In The World]
11. kyou mo kyou tote tabi o yuku 2:54
[We Go On Travelling Day After Day]
12. Slapsticks Of Strange People 3:44
13. kiken ga ippai, kaibutsu ga ippai 3:48
[Full Of Dangers, Full Of Monsters]
14. seinaru mahou de 3:35
[With Sacred Magic]
15. saishuu kessen no toki kitaru! 3:13
[The Time Of The Decisive Battle Has Come!]
16. daichi ni yasuragi o... 3:28
[Peace To Earth]
17. Scene 1. umi o yuku Lina-tachi 2:59
[Scene.1 Lina And The Others Go On The Sea]
18. Scene 2. sunahama ni tadori tsuku Lina-tachi 11:27
[Scene 2. Lina And The Others Manage To Reach A Sand Beach]
19. Scene 3. shoukuji o suru Lina-tachi 5:18
[Scene 3. Lina And The Others Have A Meal]
20. Scene 4. futatabi umi o yuku Lina-tachi 1:05
[Scene 4. Lina And The Others Go On The Sea Again]
21. kujikenaikara! (TV size) (Hayashibara Megumi & Okui Masami) 1:17
[I Won't Be Discouraged!]

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