Treasury BGM 2

CD No: Star Child KICA-380
Release date: 22 Oct 1997
Price: Y2913
Total length: 72:44 (32 tracks)

This is not like any other Slayers CD released before. The mood is extremely serious. There are few funny tunes and most of the pieces are dramatic and/or moving. The last track is a Japanese version of "Somewhere" in Treasure Vox and excellent. A very powerful CD, indeed.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Exit --> Running (Hayashibara Megumi) 1:34
2. teki ga boke nara mikata wa ooboke 1:56
[A Fool In The Enemy And Super-Fool In Our Team]
3. Happy-Go-Lucky 1:05
4. itsu no jidai mo ai wa... 1:47
[At Any Time Love Is...]
5. Tender Passion 2:12
6. buki o sute, te o toriaou 1:34
[Throw Away Weapons And Take Each Other's Hand]
7. Emotional Disturbances 1:25
8. ichibyou ni kaketa tatakai 2:42
[Battle To Gamble On One Second Chance]
9. Only Lonely Soldier (NOVA) 4:37
10. fushigi no shima no Lina 2:29
[Lina In The Wonder Island]
11. jikuu no meikyuu 1:41
[Labyrinth Of Space-Time]
12. Latin de Samna de Jack-o-Lantern 1:53
[Jack-o-Lantern In Latin And Samba]
13. sore wa asgiri no kagauaki nimo nite 1:27
[It Is Perhaps Similar To The Radiance Of Morning Mist]
14. butoukai e no izanai 1:46
[Invitation To The Ball]
15. hikari no Symphony 1:40
[Symphony Of Light]
16. noumu ni ukabu kage 1:26
[Shadow On The Deep Fog]
17. sasurai 2:38
18. ryuusei-senshi Peaceman 1:43
[Peaceman, The Worrior Of Shooting Star]
19. kyoushin - ikai no mono-tachi 1:54
[Resonance - Those From Another World]
20. Somewhere 1:58
21. Never Never Give Up (LON) 4:42
22. inori to ikari to 2:42
[Prayer And Anger]
23. kessen no chi nite 3:07
[At The Place Of The Decisive Battle]
24. itsutsu no kibou 3:19
[Five Hopes]
25. Darkstar 2:06
26. chinurareta shukumei 2:09
[Blood-Stained Fate]
27. subete no itami ni imi ga arunara 3:13
[If All The Pains Have Their Meanings]
28. arekuruu ankoku 2:26
[Darkness On Rampage]
29. kanashii kako o koete 1:46
[Beyond The Sorrowful Past]
30. yami o uchinuku hikari 2:29
[Light Piercing The Darkness]
31. tenohira no inochi 1:14
[Life On A Palm]
32. kono sekai no dokoa de (Kuwashima Houko) 3:49
[Somewhere In This World]

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