Treasury BGM

CD No: Star Child KICA-361
Release date: 21 Aug 1997
Price: Y3059
Total length: 70:27 (31 tracks)

The first soundtrack for TRY. A wide variety of BGMs are included along with the OP/ED songs and one image song (it is a version of OP but so different I call it an image song). I think BGMs are on the better side among other Slayers CDs, which makes this CD a good buy. One thing I do not like is, however, they did not bother to create a single new illustration for it. All, including the front cover, are just recycled ones.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. sore wa aruasa totsuzen ni 1:52
[It Happened Suddenly On One Morning]
2. Breeze (TV size) (Hayashibara Megumi) 1:43
3. Don't Be Discouraged (Instrumental 1) 1:04
4. aikawarazu no hakairyoku 1:39
[Awesome Destruction Power As Ever]
5. Smile Your Trouble Away! 3:16
6. egao ga shiawase o tsuretekutru 4:35
[It's A Smile That Will Bring Happiness]
7. Into Confusion 1:10
8. soshite itsumo no yoningumi 2:34
[And The Usual Quartet]
9. Eye Catcher 0:11
10. Don't Be Discouraged (Heartbeat Mix) (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:41
11. Firia, sono utukushiki hitomi ni 1:28
[Firia, In Her Beautiful Eyes]
12. The Tail Of A Modern Woman 2:44
13. yokogao wa urei o obite 1:09
[A Profile With Worry]
14. Metamorphosis 1:03
15. kin'iro no tsubasa 2:02
[Golden Wings]
16. The Shadow Of Death 2:05
17. karyuuou-zoku 1:30
[The Clan Of Fire Dragon King]
18. Keep Faith With You 1:29
19. Fair Wind (NOVA) 5:47
This is a rock version of "Breeze"
20. kyoushuu -igyou no gundan- 1:08
[Assault -Squadron Of Strange Shape-]
21. Rebel Against Density 2:39
22. Armais 3:24
23. Bloody Battle 1:23
24. Breeze (Windstorm Mix) 5:26
25. tabidachi no yokan 2:05
[Premonition Of Departure]
26. Extreme Tension 2:38
27. oozora to daichi no aidade 2:27
[Between The Great Sky And Earth]
28. What In The World Happened? 2:37
29. soshite aratanaru rekishi e 2:21
[And Into The New History]
30. Don't Be Discouraged (TV Size) (Hayashibara Megumi) 1:23
31. Don't Be Discouraged (Instrumental 2) 0:20

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