Sound Bible III

CD No: Star Child KICA-332
Release date: 5 Feb 1997
Price: Y3000
Total length: 60:23 (20 tracks)

The third and last soundtrack for Next. As the last part of the anime, there are more tracks of serious mood and high tension, compared with the two previous CDs. Especially music pieces (Tracks around 13-18) that were made for the last few episodes are excellent and I like them very much. Although Track 2 is nice (I'm Sylpheel fan and biased ^_^;;), I am generally not too impressed with the song tracks.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. uso no nai geemu -Set Me Free (Matsumoto Yasunori) 5:55
[A Game Without Lies -Set ME Free]
2. Alone (Touma Yumi) 5:32
3. Astral Side kara no chousenjou 1:40
[A Challenge From Astral Side]
4. maboroshi no shiryou-toshi 1:47
[The Death City In Illusion]
5. tokimeki ha hisoyakani 0:46
[Excitement Should Be Kept Secret]
6. shizukana ketsui o mune ni shite 2:30
[With Quiet Determination In My Heart]
7. hametsu e no prelude 1:32
[Prelude To Annihilation]
8. soko ni arumono 2:09
[What Exists There]
9. utsukushiki horobi 2:18
[Beautiful Destruction]
10. Hell-Master Fiblizo 3:11
11. chiriyuku inochi nokosareta inochi 3:05
[Lives To Fall, Lives To Left Behind]
12. yami, mu, aruiwa konton 2:54
[Darkness, Naught Or Chaos]
13. Lord Of Nightmare 3:16
14. "sekai" yori mo mamoritai hito 2:54
[A Man I Want To Save Even At The Cost Of Universe]
15. tomerarenai omoi 2:40
[Unstoppable Emotion]
16. futari 2:34
17. arashi no atoniwa taiyou ga 1:15
[Here's The Sun After The Storm]
18. sorezore no shuppatsu 2:23
[Departure For Each]
19. Secret -dareka no message- (Ishida Akira) 4:58
[Secret -Someone's Message-]
20. Brave Souls -Give A Reason- (L.O.N) 6:52

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