Sound Bible I

CD No: Star Child KICA-307
Release date: 21 Jun 1996
Price: Y3000
Total length: 55:24 (23 tracks)

The first soundtrack CD for the second TV series. It contains full length version of OP and ED (which is great), an image song for Maltina and monologues by Lina as well as the BGMs. As the show uses BGMs from the first series, too, you may need older CDs to find what you want. The back side of the inserts of these Sound Bibles mimics the style of the front cover of the original novels, JFYI.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Monologue Of Lina I 1:16
2. Give A Reason (re-mix version) (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:47
3. tsuginaru teki to tsuginaru houshuu 1:02
[Next Enemies And Next Rewards]
4. taiyou no niau basho kara 2:12
[From A Place Where The Sun Fits Very Well]
5. onore o shinjite susumu nomi 2:08
[Only To Go Ahead Believing Myself]
6. kangei sarezaru hitobito 1:52
[Unwelcome People]
7. dare ga koyou to Lina wa Lina 3:38
[Whoever May Come, Lina Is Lina]
8. Martina, so no yabou to shuunen 3:31
[Martina, Her Ambition And Persistence]
9. ame no Far Away (Hiiragi Fuyumi) 5:18
[Far Away In The Rain]
10. It's Time For Action! 4:25
11. hikaru me, hikaru yaiba 1:50
[Glittering Eyes, Glittering Blades]
12. A Man Of Cold Blood 2:44
13. aru ai no katachi 1:35
[Form Of A Love]
14. Loneliness (That Nobody Knows) 1:22
15. Clarebible 1:49
16. Why Should I Fear? 2:32
17. mubou no Saygram 1:26
[Saygram, The No Face]
18. The Evil Eye 1:19
19. kyodainaru gen'ei no gotoku 1:32
[Like A Gigantic Illusion]
20. Break Out Into The Battle 1:31
21. yuuki to iu na no kagi o teni - tatakai no tobira 1:15
[With A Key Called Courage In Hand - The Door Of The Battle]
22. jama wa sasenai (Okui Masami) 4:41
[No One Shall Get In My Way]
23. Monologue Of Lina II 1:28

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