Drama CD "Sketch Book Stories ~Zenyasai~"

CD No: JVC Entertainment VTCL-60016
Release date: 27 Dec 2007
Price: Y2400
Total length: 43:28 (6 tracks)

This is a drama CD release at the end of the anime series.
The four girls in the first year expect something exiting but their seniors tell them that the club traditionally opens a chow mein stall, which disappoints the girls. But, when Daichi tells them that Minamo plans to come to the festival with extremely high expectation, everything changes... It's just as comical and touching as the anime and very enjoyable. ^_^
The last track is the ED song of the final episode.

NHT rating: Rating

1. bunkasai e no michi 10:20
[Road to the School Festival]
2. kyuukyoku no yakisoba 11:07
[The Ultimate Chow Mein]
3. ippai no tenpura-soba 5:11
[A Bowl of Soba with Tenpura]
4. yarukina bijutsubu 8:56
[The Art Club with Enthusiasm]
5. nagareboshi kirakira 3:49
[Twinkle Twinkle Shooting Stars]
6. tanpopo suisha (Hanazawa Kana, Nakase Asuka & Makino Yui) 4:06
[Dandelion Waterwheel]
LYC: Kawai Eri MSC: Muramatsu Ken ARG: Muramatsu Ken

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by nonchan