Drama Series File.05 "Primula"

CD No: Lantis LACA-5314
Release date: 23 Sep 2004
Price: Y2095
Total length: 31:32 (5 tracks)

The last of the drama CD series features Primula.
She is very different from that in the anime. She is far more talkative and just like an ordinary girl. Anyway in the drama, Primula wants to enjoy the School Festival with Rin but he turns out to be too busy with his class's event. So she goes with Kaede and loses Toratama, the cat doll Licorice gave to her...

NHT rating: Rating

1. Magical Power Station (Drama size) (Hitomi) 2:06
LYC: AlAi MSC: Acchorike ARG: Acchorike
2. gakkou-gaeri no machiawase 3:21
[Meeting after School]
3. bunkasai wa Scramble 8:27
[The School Festival is a Scramble]
4. kyousitsu no korinai hitobito 7:45
[Those in the Classroom who Refuse to Learn Their Lesson]
5. taisetsuna nakushimono 9:52
[An Important Lost Item]

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by nonchan