Drama Series File.02 "Nerine"

CD No: Lantis LACM-5291
Release date: 23 Jun 2004
Price: Y2095
Total length: 25:49 (4 tracks)

The second character CD is for Nerine.
She has been spending rather lonely summer holiday because she is too shy to ask Rin to go out. One morning Mayumi calls her up and asks her to help her homework...

NHT rating: Rating

1. himitsu no mori (Drama size) (Nagami Haruka) 2:04
[Forest of Secret]
LYC: AlAi MSC: Acchorike ARG: Acchorike
2. sabishii natsuyasumi... 7:47
[Lonely Summer Holiday...]
3. minna de obenkyou shimashou 7:25
[Let's Study Together]
4. modorenai ichinichi 8:33
[A Day which Never Comes Back]

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by nonchan