CD No: Lantis LACM-4682
Release date: 25 Nov 2009
Price: Y1143
Total length: 18:48 (4 tracks)

This is the OP theme song of the new game "Shuffle! Essence+" by Yuria.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Link-age (YURIA) 4:51
LYC: Nishimata Aoi MSC: Acchorike ARG: ms-jacky
2. Garnet (YURIA) 4:34
LYC: YURIA MSC: YURIA ARG: Isoe Toshimichi
3. Link-age (karaoke) 4:51
MSC: Acchorike ARG: ms-jacky
4. Garnet (karaoke) 4:32
MSC: YURIA ARG: Isoe Toshimichi

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by nonchan