Drama Series File.04 "Shigure Asa"

CD No: Lantis LACA-5308
Release date: 25 Aug 2004
Price: Y2200
Total length: 24:07 (4 tracks)

The fourth of the drama CD series features Asa, aka Shigure the Astonisher ^_^;; It starts with her image song (short version), followed by a mini drama (three tracks).
In the drama Kareha suggests Asa to have a date with Rin to face her own feeling towards him. Kareha's plan is to go to an amusement park with Rin and Kaede. Then she can take care of Kaede so that Asa and Rin become alone. Of course the plan turns out to be easily destroyed by Lisianthas, Nerine, Itsuki and Mayumi, who don't fail to come with them... ^_^;;
Both the song and drama are good enough to entertain all Asa fans ^_^ BTW, Rin is voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru here, not Sugita Tomokazuun as in the anime.

NHT rating: Rating

1. High Tension Dreamer (Drama size) (Itou Miki) 2:13
LYC: AlAi MSC: Acchorike ARG: Acchorike
2. tomodachi ijou koibito miman... demo... 6:47
[More than a Friend, Less than a Boyfriend... But...]
3. Rival wa Princess 7:46
[Her Rivals are Princess]
4. koi no kanransha 7:20
[Ferris Wheel of Love]

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