Artbooks of Shuffle!

Visual Fan Book Visual Fan Book
Date: 21 Jun 2004
Publisher: Enterbrain
ISBN: 4-7577-1919-1
Price: Y2500
Formant: A4, 176 pages (all in colour)
This is a guidebook of the original PC H game and contains a story/character guide, staff interview etc as well as many nice artworks. A CD-ROM with a mini-game, wallpapers, skins for media players and music data is also included.
Anime Complete Album Anime Complete Album
Date: 10 Apr 2006 (nominal)
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
ISBN: 4-04-853956-6
Price: Y2200
Formant: A4, 160 pages (96 pages in colour)
This is an artbook of the TV anime series and contains publicity illustrations, character guide, episode guide and staff talk etc. Also there are quite a few mini sections, which are good fun. In general it's a good buy but I wish the colour illustrations at the beginning were larger.
Gikuraku 18 Gokuraku 18 "Shuffle! Gengashuu"
Date: ?? Aug 2006
Publisher: private
ISBN: n/a
Price: unknown
Formant: B5, 98 pages (none in colour)
This is a private collection by Gotou Keiji of the ground works of Eps.7.

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