Kou to Louty "Himitsu no Sasayaki" [Kou and Louty "Secret Whisper"]

CD No: Dream Machine HDCA-10012
Release date: 11 Aug 1999
Price: Y2000
Total length: 40:54 (8 tracks)

This is a collection of image songs for Kou and Louty.
I'm not interested in the characters but bought this CD because angela offered two songs for it. Of course it's old days of the "uppercase" angela and Katsu's writes the song under a different name, yet they are entertaining enough. Especially the last two "remix" versions have lots of hallmarks of Katsu's taste. ^_^
Track 5 is a chat between Masami and Shiho (not Kou and Louty).

NHT rating: Rating

1. Break out (Suzuki Masami) 4:39
LYC: atsuko MSC: ANGELA ARG: Katsunori-H
2. -Destiny- harukana haha e (Suzuki Masami) 4:59
[-Destiny- For Mother Far Away]
LYC: Nanami Ei MSC: TAMASHO ARG: Hasunuma Kensuke
3. All My Love (Kikuchi Shiho) 4:23
LYC: atsuko MSC: ANGELA ARG: Katsunori-H
4. kokoro dake mitsumetai (Kikuchi Shiho) 4:10
[I Only Want to Watch Your Heart]
LYC: Arahata Hiraku MSC: Kuwata Mamoru ARG: Hasunuma Kensuke
5. Studio in "A...!" 8:04
[Studio in "Oh!"]
6. Pure in Pure (Suzuki Masami & Kikuchi Shiho) 4:55
LYC: Hasunuma Hiroe MSC: Hasunuma Kensuke ARG: Hasunuma Kensuke
7. Break Out (remix) (Suzuki Masami) 4:43
LYC: atsuko MSC: ANGELA ARG: Katsunori-H
8. All My Love (remix) (Kikuchi Shiho) 4:57
LYC: atsuko MSC: ANGELA ARG: Katsunori-H

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