CD No: Dream Machine HDDA-10004
Release date: 26 May 1999
Price: Y971
Total length: 12:37 (3 tracks)

The OP song by Angela, coupled with another song, which seems to be an ED for a local TV program. Both songs are very different from their songs in Stellvia but it is probably not surprising as this CD is four years older. The OP song seems rather tame (or too ordinary) for them. On the other hand, Track 2 is a rather cute love song, unusual for them now ^_^
BTW, this CD is an CD Extra and contains screensavers for Win and Mac.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Memories (Angela) 3:51
LYC: Atsuko MSC: Angela ARG: Katsunori-H
2. egao o misete (Angela) 4:57
[Show Me Your Smile]
LYC: Atsuko MSC: Angela ARG: Katsunori-H
3. Memories (karaoke) 3:49
MSC: Angela ARG: Katsunori-H

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